Summer Camp


Where Critical Thinking & Creativity Meet

Three Week-Long Sessions:

July 19th-23rd

July 26th – 30th

August 2nd – 6th

We will explore interconnections between music and math, and provide academic enrichment, music classes, leisure & recreation, fitness, and field trips. 

There is a strong correlation between math and music.  They often overlap and while music is considered the more creative of the two , there are more similarities between math and music than one would expect and we can use numbers and math principles to learn music and vice versa.  Research has shown that when music shows some mathematical structure, it tends to be more popular. 

This summer help your child explore both their intellectual and creative sides with our classes that use sound, rhythm, frequency and other musical concepts, to explain math elements, such as numbers, fractions, the Pythagorean Theory and much more.  Here are just four known ways music and math are related:

Math helps in reading music

The frequency of music is related to math

Patterns are common in both

Music helps us study and think

Our campers will be placed in small groups based on age and level, and will have a music and math curriculum personalized and tailored specifically for their group.  

Here are some of the sample classes your child will be participating in:

Making Sense of Numbers ~ We will be exploring rhythm and beats, how math & calculations create those beats.  This will done on instruments, through demonstrations and movement. 

Composition/Songwriting ~ We will explore music and math elements present in the structure of songs and music masterpieces.  Students will have the opportunity to use what they learned to create their own musical masterpieces ☺.

Music & Sound from Around the World ~ We will explore how sound is measured?  Why some instruments are louder than others? How sound is created and the math connection to it. We will travel the world of music and math and learn about famous composers and mathematicians.

Private & Group Instrument Study ~ Students will be evaluated and depending on their music experience (which is not required) will have an opportunity to have some private or group time with Music School of New York City’s distinguished faculty.  If your child has prior music experience, please make sure to let us know when you register. 

Intro to Opera ~ There are many ways to tell a story and musical storytelling goes back centuries and spans all genres.  In this class, we will introduce our campers to the most dramatic of them all – OPERA!

Having fun this summer doesn’t mean you have to stop learning!

We have tons of other fun and educational classes up our sleeve.  And we will make time for movies, lunch in the park, trips to the library, some down time, educational games, study hall and much, much more.  

Camp Information:

Open to Ages 6-16

No Music Experience Necessary

For safety reasons, we will be offering our program to 12 campers per week and we will continue to follow strict cleaning and safety precautions.

Students will bring their own lunch.  

Snacks will be provided.  Special requests can be discussed with our staff. 


Full Day ~ M-F 9:30 am – 3:30 pm $795/wk

Half Day ~ M-F 9:30 am ~ 12:30 pm $450/wk

Extended Hours Available

AM Extended Hours ~ 8:00 – 9:30 am $15/day or $50/wk

PM Extended Hours ~ 3:30 – 6:00 pm $30/day or $125/wk

Both AM & PM Extended Hours $150/wk

There is a 10% Sibling Discount on Base Tuition (extended hours not included)

50% Tuition due at Registration and the Balance a week before your camp date.

Sample Schedule:

Early Drop-Off (Extended AM) ~ 7:50 am – 9:15 am Morning activities can include fitness, educational games, study hall, snack, etc.

Regular Drop off ~ 9:15 – 9:30 am

Music & Sound Around the World 9:35 – 10:25 am

Instrument Study ~ 10:30 – 11:05 am

SNACK BREAK 11:05 – 11:20 am

Making Sense of Numbers ~ 11:20 am – 12:10 pm 

Half Day Pick Up 12:15 – 12:35 pm

LUNCH ~ 12:35 – 1:05 pm (at the school) 12:35 – 1:35 (lunch in the park)

Composition/Songwriting ~ 1:05 – 1:55 pm

Leisure & Activities (movies, games, study hall, etc) ~ 2:00 – 3:15pm

Full Day Pick Up ~ 3:15 – 3:35 pm

Extended PM Hours 3:35 pm – 6:00 pm. Activities will be rotated on different days and students can be picked up anytime during extended hours.

Latest Pick Up Time ~ 6:00 pm