Our Programs

Music School of New York City offers high quality private lesson instruction for students of all levels ages 3 and up in Piano, Violin, Voice, Cello and Guitar throughout the year.  We also offer special programs and workshops to help students prepare for their school musical/play auditions, upcoming competitions and NYSSMA or MTNA auditions and other important events.  High School juniors and seniors are welcome to participate in our College Audition and Application Recording Workshops. Additionally, there are special programs for Adults as well as gift packages and event entertainment.  You may find a complete list of our programs below or contact us at 516.515.0144 for more information.

Beginner Instruction for Ages 3 and Up

All students ages 5 and up are welcome to start their musical studies in Piano, Violin, Voice, Cello and Guitar.  Although we recommend that children ages 5-7 start on Piano, Violin or Cello and then switch to the guitar or voice if they prefer, we are happy to set up a trial lesson for your child if they are really set on Voice and/or Guitar.  Enthusiasm usually wins over technical and physical difficulties!

Interested in an instrument that we do not currently offer?  Please don’t hesitate to call us anyway!  We know a lot of wonderful teachers throughout New York City, Long Island and Westchester and will be happy to recommend someone.  We also hope to expand our programs upon demand so there is no telling how soon we will be able to add other instruments!

School Musical/Play Auditions Prep Program

Every child would like to get the lead role in the school play or musical.   Every parent knows how competitive, stressful and difficult the audition process can be for his or her child.  Give your child the skills to do their BEST at the audition.  Our audition preparation program places your child with a vocal or acting coach to work one-on-one with your child.  During the 7-10 week session – specially tailored to his or her needs based on age, experience, difficulty of the role and song numbers – the teacher gives your child skills to feel confident and to be prepared for his or her audition.  At the end of the program, we organize a “mock audition” for family and friends to attend.  We do not guarantee the lead in your show but do guarantee an amazing learning experience, a boost to self-esteem and an amazing sense of accomplishment!

Intensive Competition Workshop (includes NYSSMA & ABRSM)

For students who are planning on participating in music competitions including, but not limited to NYSSMA & MTNA auditions, Music School of New York City offers a tailored workshop program to help students prepare their repertoire.  This program is open to all students regardless of their prior or current enrollment at Music School of New York City.  We understand that it is necessary to get a fresh perspective and extra motivation in order to succeed in any demanding endeavor, which is why we highly recommend this intense, semi-weekly lesson program with a performance for family, friends and members of our school, to all students preparing for a competition, in order to get the most out of the rigorous and rewarding process.


College Audition Preparatory Program

A program designed specifically for juniors and seniors in High School,  the College Audition Prep Program helps those  planning on applying  for  a  Music Degree or Music Minor  as part of their College Application Process.  Knowing how busy the last two years of high school can be, we include the MOST important and valuable information into this program and design an individual curriculum for each student that meets his or her needs and college requirements.

The program includes, but is not limited to:

An introductory meeting and evaluation with the director and distinguished faculty of Music School of New York City.

Private Lessons on a semi-weekly, weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on schedule and application requirements of the student.

Theory Workshop(s) – number and length of workshops determined during the evaluation based on current knowledge and school requirements.  A lot of conservatories and universities with music programs require prospective students to take theory placement exams and we want to make sure you feel confident and get the most out of your college experience.

“Mock Audition(s)” to help you prepare for the audition panel.  It is so hard to predict what your nerves will do in front of a panel and the only way to know is to do a trial run.

Recording Workshop (optional) – Students enrolled in our College Audition Preparatory Program receive 15% off all our Recording Services and the College Application Recording Workshop.

College Application Recording Workshop

The College Application Recording Workshop makes the process of creating a college music recording a fun, educational, hands-on experience.  Working one-on-one with a recording engineer who comes to your home, each student is involved in the entire process of his or her recording – from laying down the tracks, to choosing the best takes, learning the software, editing and creating menus and much more.  The final result is a professional quality recording that you can really call your own and be proud of!

Adult Instruction & Masterclasses

Music School of New York City understands the busy schedules of adult students.  Which is why we offer morning hours for stay-at-home parents and later evening hours for working professionals.  We also offer bi-weekly lessons for adults if necessary, though we do recommend the regular weekly schedule for best results.  Additionally, we are excited to offer lessons and master classes with world-renown artists for our more proficient adult students.  We do not require regular private lesson enrollment to participate in our Masterclass Programs and you can inquire further by emailing us at info@musicschoolofnyc.com or by calling 516.515.0144.

Holiday Gift Packages

Music School of New York City offers Private Lessons and Recording Session Gift Certificates.  We also offer gift packages to those interested in performing a special piece or song at a birthday, wedding, bar mitzvah, anniversary or other special event. You do not have to have any prior knowledge of music to make your dream performance a reality.  Give us a call and we will get you there!

Event Entertainment Services

Music School of New York City is happy to offer Live Music Entertainment Services for any private, family or corporate event. Below are just some of the services available.  Please contact us for a complete list and to discuss further at events@musicschoolofnyc.com or 516.515.0144.

  • Solo Piano in Classical, Popular, Broadway and Jazz genres
  • Solo Violin or Cello
  • Ensembles that include a piano, such as Piano/Violin Duos; Piano/Cello Duos; Piano Trios, Quartets, Quintets
  • String Quartets and Quintets
  • Solo Vocalists or accompanied by Piano in Classical, Popular, Broadway and Jazz Genres
  • Solo Guitar or a collaboration between Guitar and Piano