Sound Engineering

Alexey Gorokholinsky has over 10 years of experience working in the field of recordiAlexey Gorokholinskiyng,
 audio engineering and post production.  What sets him apart from the many professionals in the industry, is the fact that he is also an active performer, producer and composer, and carries over his musical expertise from his rigorous classical training into his recording projects.  This ability to demand the utmost results from his recording artists, while being considerate of their needs and desires, often results in the best possible end product.A graduate of the Juilliard School, Carnegie Hall’s Academy program, and an active classical and electronic music performer, Mr. Gorokholinsky knows exactly what is needed to fulfill college and other audition requirements and has spent countless hours in studios, recording not only others, but his own solo and chamber music albums.  This versatility as both the performer and the sound engineer has taight him the invaluable tricks of making the most out of each recording session and getting the best results out of musicians in the studio while making them feel at home and allowing them to create magic.