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Six years after the school’s inception, Music School of New York City expanded to Long Island with its Mineola location, bringing conservatory level training to students of any age or level of study. 

Music School of New York City blends old-world values and classical traditions, with an innovative teaching style designed for children of the twenty-first century.  Unlike the very exclusive pre-college programs of NYC, where grueling auditions are required, Music School of New York City believes in an inclusive philosophy, accepting all students into it’s Mineola, NY location, while providing them with the same highest caliber of instruction they will find at the top schools in the world.  We are dedicated to providing a warm and supportive atmosphere which will enable each student to receive the full advantages of learning music that extend far beyond the ability of being able to play an instrument.

We take enormous pride in our young, vibrant faculty, who are at the height of their creativity and enthusiasm in both their professional and teaching careers.

Above all, it is our mission and personal interest to develop the musical growth and talent of each student, so that they are able to reach their fullest potential, while discovering the magic of music, acquiring great skills, lasting impressions and memories and also – having fun!




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